Crochet Braids

Offers a wonderful transition for naturals and is also a great protective style for naturals and non-naturals alike. With a crochet braid you can wear your hair with lots of texture options. Most crochet braid styles blend well with natural hair textures.

This style is a great idea for new naturals that aren’t so happy to rock their awkward stage. It is also really cool for long time naturals who are all for length retention. Less Manipulation of your hair means more length. retention.

Crochet braids are great for offering versatility. Some crochet braid options can really look like your hair. Others can offer you looks that are a little different from your usual but still super cute!

I rocked my very first set of crochet braids last summer. I have been rocking crochet sets ever since. I absolutely love it! Even though I am one of those naturals who can get caught up with constantly redoing my hair every other day and sometimes several times a day! I have found less hair loss since I have really eased up on the constant handling. I haven’t really been able to find someone who can install cute crochet braids in my hair the way I would have preferred it to be so I started doing my own braids. 

Sure enough I stood out like a sore thumb. Everywhere I went I got compliments on my hair from men and women. It just looked so real. I would have it no other way! lol. But seriously, the way I install my crochet braids it by leaving a small amount of hair around the edges so that I can wear updos and other neat styles like high puffs!

I haven’t really had much of a camera. So this pic will have to do!

I am now serving the Freeport area with natural hair styles such as crochet braids, afro kinky twists, havana twists and straight twists.



Did you know that you can install crochet braids over locs?





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